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  • Do you ever feel like your IT staff speaks another language? Are IT Managers asking you for candidates with skills that sound like alphabet soup?

    You’re not alone. Staffing the right talent is challenging enough. With hiring deadlines looming, who can take the time to learn all the technology necessary to fill an IT job, nonetheless find the total package? You need a trusted staffing partner that understands IT.

    At DataSol, IT is our business. Our technical knowledge and proven staffing practices make YOU the hiring hero.

    Understanding IT roles gives us the edge to quickly comprehend your company’s platform and job requisitions. We work with you and your managers to learn which tools and solutions match your environment and help you find the right employees that can deliver.

    Our process includes:

    • Discovery Phase – Laying the proper foundation is key. If we’re asking a lot of questions, it’s because we need to thoroughly understand your business, hiring goals and overall needs to best meet your objectives.
    • Professional Talent – While we screen candidates for technical proficiency, we also use soft skills assessments and interview methods to help determine culture fit, goal orientation, leadership styles and more. We only work with the best so you’re provided with the top folks on the market. Our candidates are cultivated over time as we work with them throughout their career, and can tap into them whether they’re passively or actively searching for opportunities.
    • Verification – We conduct references, background checks and identity verification in alignment with your organizational protocols. Our candidates adhere to our standards of ethics, confidentiality and conduct. They know that if they’re selected by you, they’ll be adhering to yours.
    • Decision Assistance – When you’re ready to make an offer to one of our candidates, we’re with you every step of the way. You both need to be happy with the outcome. From acceptance to start, we’re all on the same page. We guarantee that your new hire begins on the right foot and can make an impact on day one.
    • A Win-Win – Our job isn’t done when the candidate enters your doors. Performance matters. We make sure you and your new hire are satisfied and establish the proper check-in and follow up procedures that work best for you. Think of us as an extension of your HR and Management team. We’re here to lend a hand until your managers are comfortable and the new employee is fully settled.

    Staffing Options

    Our staffing options include Direct Hire, Contract-to-Hire and Temporary professional positions. Unsure about which solution is right for you? Let’s figure that out together. If none of these meet your goals, perhaps our IT Services group is another possibility. We’ll get creative to help you make the right choice.


    Putting the right people in place is one of the smartest investments you will ever make. To advance and build your business, you need to have the top individuals by your side. Let us help you keep it affordable with flexible payment options and a fair price. Let DataSol be your number one workforce partner.

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