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    DataSol Managed Network Solutions
  • Whether you’re a Director of IT who wants the convenience of a strategic partner or you’re a small business owner looking to effectively manage your IT network at a reasonable cost, DataSol managed solutions should be your trusted resource.

    We can safeguard your critical IT network systems, ensuring maximum uptime and seamless performance. We’ll also configure, monitor, analyze and react to real-time system data in order to identify and resolve potential problems before they disrupt your operation.

    • Scheduled server backups with automatic versioning
    • Operating system updates and bug fixes
    • Anti-virus updates and diagnostics
    • Security and remote access

    In the rapidly changing corporate landscape, your company’s technology infrastructure is not simply a cost center that requires occasional care and feeding, but an essential part of the operational infrastructure. IT may not be your business, but it is ours. Let our Professional Services and IT Consultant Group assist you with your needs today and tomorrow so you can put the focus back on your business.

    Other Managed Network Solutions can include:

    Scheduled Maintenance

    DataSol, Inc. provides regularly scheduled, proactive computer and network support and maintenance services. During each visit, a consultant will perform computer and network maintenance, address outstanding support issues and work with you to optimize your IT infrastructure.

    Security and Remote Access Services

    Speak to one of our DataSol, Inc. Cisco certified engineers to discuss securing your data from unauthorized access. Thus, allowing your remote team access to pertinent data from any location by utilizing Cisco Systems latest technologies.

    On-Site IT Services

    Do you have a small office but growing business and don’t want the cost and hassle associated with hiring a full time IT engineer? Allow DataSol, Inc. to place a fully certified help desk representative on site to handle your IT needs. For more information, see our Staffing Solutions page. Utilize our skilled engineers for special projects or short term.

    Project Management

    DataSol, Inc.’s Project Management services are focused on providing clients with help for major upgrades and migrations in the course of their IT systems’ evolution to Microsoft’s standards-based architecture. DataSol, Inc. has extensive experience providing project planning, management, documentation, and procurement coordination, and DataSol, Inc.’s proven methodologies for upgrades and migrations ensure minimum disruption to your business.

    Security Solutions

    With highly publicized breakdowns of security, data losses and other incidents that have hurt profitability and damaged the brand of major organizations, it is clear that IT is a mission critical part of your business with huge financial and legal ramifications.

    Let DataSol assist you with the policies and best practices to help safeguard your organization from threats:

    • Site survey and network assessment
    • Disaster preparedness and recovery
    • Business continuity
    • Intrusion detection and prevention
    • System redundancy

    You’ll gain better insight into your organization’s vulnerabilities so that you can take proactive steps to better preparedness and prevention.

    Once less thing to worry about

    In addition, scheduled backups to the cloud with automatic versioning means that your data is protected and you have one less thing to worry about. And when you add 24/7 help desk support, your team will have round-the-clock assistance no matter where they’re located. Stop worrying and call DataSol today (716) 320-5800.

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